Serenity Prayer & Slogans

Serenity Prayer
Often our greatest source of discomfort is our continuing attempt to change people and events over which we are powerless.

This prayer can be extremely helpful because it encourages us to turn to a Power greater than ourselves in sorting out what we can and cannot do.

God Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change,
Courage to Change the Things I Can,
and Wisdom to Know the Difference

Slogans serve as gentle, calming reminders that our circumstances might not be as impossible or as desperate as they at first appear. These concise expressions of wisdom offer quick reassurance that we really are able to cope with whatever life brings, prompting us to take constructive action and to treat ourselves and others with compassion and respect. Even when we are too new to Al-Anon or too overwhelmed by our circumstances to recall one of the many Al-Anon principles that may apply, a simple slogan can put the entire situation into perspective.
One Day at a Time – Many of us spend our day worrying about the future that we miss the present. By making the most of this day, we prepare ourselves to be able to handle whatever comes tomorrow.
Let It Begin With Me – This is a way to change the things we can – especially our own attitudes – instead of waiting for everyone else to change to suit us.
Let Go and Let God – Instead of relying upon our ego or self-will to direct our lives and the lives of others, we draw upon the strength, wisdom, and compassion of a Power greater than ourselves.
Easy Does It – Instead of struggling harder or “forcing solutions”, this slogan reminds us if we adopt a kinder, more relaxed attitude, we may be able to see the situation more clearly and act more appropriately.
First Things First – This slogan encourages us to take a moment to set priorities. Before we react, we can ask ourselves what is the primary importance right now.
Live and Let Live – This slogan not only encourages us to make a special effort to treat ourselves well, but it also encourages us to grant others the dignity to make decisions for themselves and allow them to deal with the results.
Think – This slogan reminds us that instead of automatically reacting to every provocation, request, or demand that comes along, we can “Think” before we act, making choices that are in our best interest.
Keep it Simple – When we are overwhelmed this slogan reminds us to slow down and take things step by step rather than all at once.
But for the Grace of God – This slogan reminds us to approach other people with compassion, including the alcoholic.
Progress, Not Perfection – Although the process of recovery is steady, sometimes it is slower than we might wish. This slogan reminds us not to expect perfection as we continue on the path of recovery.
How Important is It? – The perspective we gain when we apply this slogan makes it possible to set aside petty worries, minor irritations and baseless judgments so that we might celebrate the extraordinary richness and wonder that life offers.
Just For Today – This slogan is a commitment to set aside the past and the future and live in this one day only. When we deal with today only, seemingly impossible projects, small risks or little changes become manageable.
Keep An Open Mind – We never know where we will find inspiration or help. If we “keep an open mind”, we make ourselves available to receive that help, no matter where it comes from.
Listen and Learn – This slogan reminds us if we have the self-discipline to be quiet and pay attention to others’ words, we can learn a tremendous amount about ourselves and the world.
The information on this page was adapted from “How Al-Anon Works for Families & Friends of Alcoholics”.

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