Welcome to Your Tutorial Page

I have included both a video and outlined the steps in text below the video for you.   I will email you the Username and Password to log in.

First Step – Go to memphisareaal-anon.org/wp-admin to log in.

Create Your Own User Account

You can create your own login so you do not have to use the Memphis Area one.

  • On the left sidebar, hover over User and click Add New
  • Enter your information
  • Make sure to make your password very hard to hack
  • Under Role, select Administrator so you have access to everything you need

Click Add New User

Now you can log in under that login if you prefer.


WooCommerce is our online store.

On the left sidebar, hover over WooCommerce and Click on Orders.

There are different statuses for different types of orders:

  • On hold/pending payment status – there was either a problem with the order payment or they are paying with a check
  • Processing status – they paid via PayPal or with a credit card
  • Completed status – you have completed the order
  • Canceled status – the order was canceled
  • Refunded status – the order was refunded

Click on the person’s name to view the order details.

Under the Order Details section in the middle of the page, you will change the order status.

The order status matters to the reporting details, so you will need to change the order status manually. If you had the equipment to print a shipping label, I believe it would change the order status automatically.

It is up to Karen and Gay how you want to handle check payments. Did you want to hold the order until you received the check or did you want to let them pick up the order or ship the order before you received the check?  I know Robin was concerned about this in our meeting in August.

  • If the payment was a credit card or PayPal payment, once you have either shipped or boxed up the order for pickup, you can change the status to completed.
  • If the payment was a check and you received the check, after you have shipped or boxed up the order for pickup, you can change the status to completed.
  • If the payment was a check and you have not received the check and you decided to ship or box up for pickup anyway, you can change it to pending payment so you know you’ve shipped/order was picked up but you are waiting for the check.  Once you receive the check, make sure to go in and change the status to completed.

When you have changed the order status, click the blue Update button on the right sidebar.

If you scroll down a little from the order details, you can see what they ordered, whether it’s shipping or local pickup, the price, taxes, etc. If they wanted to cancel the order and they have already paid with a credit card or PayPal, you can click the Refund button to refund the order to them.

On the bottom of the right sidebar, you can create and print the Invoice and Packing Slip. The customer will receive a copy of the invoice in their email once the order status has been changed to completed.

I made the group name required because if they did not fill in a group name and then at checkout they decided to give a donation, we would not know what group it came from. So I made it required for everybody.

NEVER DELETE AN ORDER! When an order is deleted, it is deleted off the reporting and the reporting will be off. If someone canceled an order, change the order details to canceled and click the blue Update button on the right sidebar.  You can also change it to refunded if they were refunded and click the blue Update button.

Reporting – 2 Ways to View

Hover over WooCommerce and click Reports.

You can get a variety of reports on this screen. You can see:

  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Stock (if we kept track of stock online)
  • Taxes
  • Shipping Labels (if we had the equipment and Karen printed the shipping labels)

You can view the reports via the:

  • Year
  • Last month
  • This month
  • Last 7 days
  • Or a custom date range

Under the Order section of the report, you can look up:

  • Sales by date
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by category (product category, i.e. books, booklets, pamphlets)
  • Coupons by date
  • Customer downloads (currently we do not have downloads available)

You can export all these reports into a CSV file.

You can also hover over Analytics and click Revenue.

The difference between this reporting option versus the last one is it’s all on one screen. You can see:

  • Total gross sales
  • Total returns
  • Total coupons
  • Total net sales
  • Total taxes
  • Total shipping
  • Total sales amount

You can click on the Date Range option and choose the date range you want to view:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Week to date
  • Last week
  • Month to date
  • Last month
  • Quarter to date
  • Last quarter
  • Year to date
  • Last year

What’s neat about this reporting option is it also allows you to compare sales from previous period or previous year.

Also, if you scroll down the page, it will list all the orders and include all the totals again.

You can also download this report.

Please let me know if you have any questions or you need me to cover anything else for you.  


How to Change Store Calendar

Sorry for the terrible audio!  

The url for Calendly is https://calendly.com/

Username:   memphisarealdc.alanon@gmail.com

Password:  12and12steps



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